Tina Turner back in time
4 decades of hits

Mary took her audience back in time with the hits of the Queen of Rock in a fast and energetic tribute show.
Starting in the glamorous 80ties and 90ties, when Tina became a legend as a solo singer.
All the way back to Tina's time with Ike, including her first recorded song "A fool in love".

By the end of 2023 Mary retired performing. For more than 30 years people could hear her exceptional voice.
Before her tribute to the Queen of Rock, she sang as a solo singer or as a lead singer in several bands.
Her all round repertoire went from "Sweet child o' mine" to "Unchained Melody" and from "Street life" to "I will always love you".

Mary would like to thank everybody who helped her in her career, especially Ad Smulders from Soundexpress and Toine and Birgit Dirks from Twilight Entertainment.

Former agent:

Twilight Entertainment
Loonseweg 17
5527 AB Hapert
The Netherlands


Mary Amora VOF
Zandbaars 34
5658 BB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
+31 (0)6 14875675